Our Mission

To assist the Board of Directors in managing the property,  so members may enjoy their community to the fullest.

Our Promise

  • To provide professional oversight of staff and/or vendors.
  • To guide staff/vendors in the proper maintenance of the property.
  • To advise in developing a workable budget.
  • To monitor members’ compliance with rules and regulations.
  • To deliver accurate and timely financial reports.
  • To alert board members and residents to relevant laws & issues.
Command Management, LLC


  • Send notices of violations of rules and regulations to members.
  • Conduct inspection tours of the property.
  • Coordinate and schedule necessary maintenance and repairs.
  • Offer recommendations to improve the property.
  • Assist members in their sales transactions.
  • Investigate improved services at lower costs.
  • Attend board meetings and distribute minutes to board members.

Through Professional Management

  • Friendly relations between board members and residents are protected.
  • Tasks are best completed by an objective, knowledgeable management professional
  • Board members time is best spent on decision making.

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We are large enough to serve your community's greatest needs, small enough to care about the smallest detail.