Will our manager be knowledgeable on Florida Law

We far exceed the State of Florida's minimum continuing education requirements. We are well informed of the latest updates and changes in those statutes which affect our clients, although issues involving legal matters must be directed to the association attorney.

What if we don’t want to be locked into a contract

Command Management enjoys a fine reputation for our strong work ethic. Our contracts do not require a notice to cancel after the first 90 days.

What if there is an emergency in the middle of the night

We answer calls 24/7. We do not use a service. The numbers provided to you and your residents are our direct phone numbers. Once we come on board, we prepare a property vendor list along with emergency phone numbers and contacts. We locate and identify with photos the important emergency cut-off valves in the community (Water, electricity, pool motors, sprinklers, etc.) keeping it with us at all times We provide copies to the board members.

How often does someone visit our community

Twice weekly minimum (not a drive through) We have a checklist for each property that will be developed during the introductory period. We identify trouble areas, and conduct an overall inspection. 

Will you interview our applicants

If you prefer, we will interview your prospective residents, detailing the rules and regulations. It is important to note that the BOD has the final decision on acceptance or rejection.

What reports are provided concerning maintenance

A comprehensive management report will be provided at each meeting as well as a weekly update. This will give board members up to date knowledge of maintenance issues.  

What financial reports are provided and when do we receive them

 You will receive your report monthly after the bank statement is reconciled. The basic report package includes: Balance sheet, profit and loss and accounts receivable report. There are many reports available and we will tailor a package that meets your individual requirements.

Will you attend regular BOD Meetings

 Manager will attend each scheduled meeting.

Will you write the meeting minutes

Yes, we will prepare the minutes for the BOD to review before the next meeting.

Will you provide us with a proposed budget

Command Management prepares a budget draft approximately 90 days ahead of the budget meeting including a reserve schedule as required by FS. This allows The Board ample time to review and make any changes.  It also allows time to meet the mailing requirements and have coupons delivered in time for the January payment.

How are major projects, such as capital improvements handled

Once a major project is identified we will obtain bids for the BOD to review. By using a bid specification report which insures the prospective contractors bid (Apples to Apples). This allows the BOD to make informed decisions and prevent unforeseen complications.

Do you have vendors that we are expected to use

No. Of course there are some vendors that have a proven track records with us and we value that peace of mind. At the same time we respect the vendors that have a relationship with your community and know your history so, if you are satisfied, then we are, too. If a relationship with a vendor ends, then we will provide choices for the BOD to consider.